Little colourful Stud earrings the colours are.

Midnight Blue, Blue and Purple. 

Each earring is unique making them a truly one-of-a-kind pair.


My Jewellery has a colourful abstract effect that is obtained by mixing the paint colours together. The colour combination and the amount of paint I use depicts the final result of each piece. Once the paint is dry it has a stunning opalescent and pearlescent honeycomb effect.


The paint and resin I use are non-toxic jewellery grade and are handmade & painted by me in my studio in Greenwich South London.


Made from a lightweight resin with hypoallergenic surgical steel posts which are perfect for sensitive ears.



Stud Earrings

  • -The first step is to make a resin bezel, which I colour with Mica powder and glitter (gotta love a bit of glitter).

    -I then pour the resin into a silicone mould and that takes 24 hours to cure.

    -The next step is my favourite part of the process, this is where I do the hand-painting, I use an oil-based paint that takes between 3-5 days to dry. 

    -The next part of the process, which is the most trickiest part, is called doming. That’s where I pour clear resin over the paint to seal it, which gives it a glassy effect. This final layer takes around 24 hours to cure. 

    -Once the resin layer has cured, I sand and polish the piece.

    Your ewill arrive in an organza bag within an eco friendly pillow box.